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Engineering Solutions

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New Box Products Safety Sliders

Some of the top assets of the New Box Safety Slider is its absolute ability to stop the drawer, at almost any weight, from pulling out of its frame, while having an easy to operate, adult friendly, quick release to remove the drawer when moving or another need arises.  

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New Box Products Magic Storage Box

New Box Products developed a storage box system that is not only great for DVD/CD storage but in other sizes works for many types of crafts and home handy man storage ideas.  The unique engineering allows the front of the box to open to a stop and slant out for easy sorting or viewing, while allowing the box in whatever size to be filled completely.  

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The New Box Products Safety Furniture Anchor

The Unique New Box Furniture Anchor is a product that will save childrens’ lives, and at the same time is easy to install and convenient to maintain.  The “New Box Furniture Anchors are a must, and the New Box Products Furniture Anchor is a much more effective and easy to install solution to protect those young children in your life from danger.” Home Depot  READ MORE

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New Box Products Magic Drawer

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Why Make the World’s Best Furniture Anchor? New Box Products felt it was the right thing to do

New Box Products Safety Furniture Wall Anchor

The New Box Safety Furniture Anchor is so different to anything on the market today; the US Patent office has issued it patent protection worldwide.  Like the patented New Box Slider before it, Tom Muskopf is such a unique designer and engineer that his concepts end up saving lives, and as is his passion they affect kids lives in a positive way.

The news if full of horrendous accidents involving a major international retailer and their potentially top heavy furniture falling on children, causing serious injury or even death in the process.  The facts are simple to understand, any piece of furniture in the home can become a death trap if it is made top heavy.  Furniture is made top heavy by placing heavy objects in the top drawers of a dresser, on the top shelves of a book case or a TV or stereo on the top of a piece of furniture not designed to handle that heavy object.

The problem and its danger is simple to prevent, the easy to install and maintain New Box Products Safety Furniture Wall Anchor. READ MORE>>>>

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Up to the minute results of users of both the New Box Furniture Anchor and how they compare to other furniture anchors they have used or know about. 

Increased safety with New Box Furniture Anchor
Ease of installation of NB Anchor
Ability to clean behind furniture with NB Anchor

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