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Newest Products from New Box Products, LLC

New Box Products Safe T Hold Furniture Anchor

The Safe T Hold Furniture Anchor from New Box Products is a new and totally unique patented solution to a very serious problem in the home and office today.  In the past, furniture was manufactured with very heavy materials, attention was paid to base weight and tip and fall problems were at a minimum.  This problem was minimized in those days due to the weight of the furniture when young children were involved, compared to the child’s weight, although this was not guaranteed.

Today, many manufacturers make furniture out of light cheap materials, either to lower costs to compete in discount stores or to lower shipping costs from abroad.  Even local shipping is a concern with the rising costs of fuel over the past decade.  All these issues caused a perfect storm which created very dangerous lightweight furniture, prone to tip and fall.  Over the past few years there have been many reports of heartbreaking death and injury due unfortunate tip and fall of unsteady furniture cabinets, book cases, chests of drawers and entertainment centers.

Most of these incidents have involved young children innocently climbing on the drawers, or trying to reach something out of reach.  This tragedy can be stopped with the New Box Products Safe T Hold Furniture Anchor.  Different from other devices claiming to performe the same task, the Safe-T Hold is different by how it securely anchors the furniture to the wall while allowing the furniture to be removed and later replaced for easy access behind the furniture.  This is possible because of the Pat Pend TM Holding Pin, which allows free movement of the furniture when removed, and total security when replaced once again.




New Box Products about us

New Box Products Drawer Safety Stop

A remarkable new product from New Box Products, the New Box Safety Drawer Stop and Slider, a patented safety slide that not only stops heavy filled drawers from falling out if pulled to far, but also can be released for easy removal by adults, can be easily installed after market and are lightweight. In addition, for the green wise folks, the New Box Safety Drawer Slider is eco-friendly and bio degradable.

Alliant research found that all other products of its kind were either flimsy and easily broken, not 100% reliable, not biodegradable, not able to hold heavy loads or even more frequently, were up to 10 times the cost of the New Box Products Patented option.

High end designers seem to want a high end chrome option since cost was no option to their customers, however since fancy chrome does not markedly increase the functionality or safety of the product, New Box has chosen to remain a lower cost option with high functionality, reliability and comparable specs to the expensive chrome options.

Tom Muskopf, Chief Engineer for New Box Products explained, “Our main concern and designers has always been safety, especially with major news stories revolving around faulty furniture hurting children, unsecured drawers falling from drawer frames and damaging property we felt we had the solution.” Muskopf continued, “Our initial solution was sound, but we were able to innovate even more to fit both the economy and the safety needs of both the manufacturers and the public at large.”


Patented Drawer Safety Stop

  • Value Proposition
  • Lighter-Weight Strength
  • Safer and more Secure
  • Less Expensive
  • Adaptable for most drawers
  • Usable in most industries


New Box Products Automatic Drawer Smoother Slider


Patented Drawer Smoother Slider is a light weight, seamless slider design that is less expensive than traditional metal and ball barings design, yet far easier to operate and maintain than the wood on wood of bargain priced furniture.  Made of space age polyurethane, this material will not wear or brake and out last the furniture itself.  Additionally it employs the patented and unique New Box Products Drawer Safety Stop to avoid drawers slipping out of the furniture and making a mess or worse yet, causing injury to you or a child.

Finally the amazing New Box Products Automatic Drawer Smoother Slider offers a quick release, accessible only by adults, but easily released for moving or cleaning behind drawers.

New Box Products about us

This Patented polyurethane box is unique that collectors of CDs and DVDs can fill the box with entertainment of their choice, then when it is time to search their collection, the front of the box slides out just enough to allow sorting without removing or lifting a single CD or DVD

New Box Products about us

The New Additions of the New Box Products New Box coming soon

A larger clear plastic version for hobbyists and artists.

A version for sewing patterns

A version for just about anything collected in numbers, that need to be kept in order and searched for easily!

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New Box Products about us